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The below overview is what we typically design, allow you to acces, make live some with options to all 34 Business choices across all our different trademarked brands.  UBtheBoss.

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Awesome Dedicated Webpage

Secure HTTPS: your very own professional web area / page with your choice of sub domain web address. Don’t forget, it’s your space! we allow you to include all your own contact details directly displaying so you get all jobs / inquiries coming straight to you (commission & royalty 0% FREE).'You will be impressed with what you receive'

Stunning Bespoke Stationery

Our designers create then print a gorgeous high quality complete range of bespoke stationery / marketing items for your business using our master templates. We add what you want to show for example: your own company details / name, email, telephone, social media pages etc. Perhaps you even want to show your prices £ or opening times.

Registered Trademark ® Brand

We allow you to use our stunning brand to front your new business including all marketing etc. Simply use your own new company name (trading as t/a) or sole trader name for your customer invoices & estimates etc. Example: (‘Doms Services’ – t/a do Yt’) usually written at the very bottom of your new business letter headed paper.

Google Highly Ranked

Your web page, is FULLY optimized by our web developers inserting key LOCAL words, phrases, addresses, embedded images, video, back links & all kind of SEO tricks to turbo boost your fully included page usually high up in Google + Bing local results typically within 2 weeks.

Bespoke Business Intro Video

We create just for you, a short INTRO video. We add all your contact details, webpage images & info as you want. We then index it on Google & Bing typically towards the very front of the videos section. We also typically get your video visible in normal text search results as well

Branded Work wear + Items

Tell us your top size & we will send you stylish branded work wear that is different for each of our business brands. We have different polo tops + very comfy branded fleeces (you choice if you want to wear them or not). Some of our brands also get great and useful work bags.

Easy Estimates & Invoices

We know how important good presentation is when providing a Quotation / Estimate. We create for you, your own business software template, its your choice to use it or not. The online software really is awesome, VERY EASY TO USE & comes FREE included fully set-up ready to use

Mobile Credit Card Machine

You will receive, your own mobile credit card reader that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile. It's fully your choice if & when to use it. Your customers more & more want to pay sometimes balances, deposits or payments using their credit & debit cards. 'Getting paid now is made SO EASY'.

Ongoing Support Dashboard

Once your business has been fully set up and LIVE, we additionally provide you, your own secure SUPPORT DASHBOARD. This allows you to ask for all types of ongoing support 24 x 7 across multiple departments: * General Support * Business Boost * Website Edits

Resources / Assets Portal

Our business managers create for you and give you your own secure PORTAL. This is a ‘go to place‘ with all your bespoke personalized assets we have created for your business & also generic assets you can use. It's the place that makes your business easier.

Popular Google Local Maps

We add your new business to our / HQ's business ‘Master Google + Bing Accounts’. These will give you a further BOOST in search results and makes your business get further noticed. We also back link to your website and video making everything SEO GREAT ...

Logos for any signage.

You receive relevant branded logos, so you can go to any local sign writers you choose. Perhaps you want a vehicle or static signage ! . You will use your own phone, email & new web address on your marketing thus ensuring all new clients go DIRECT to you.

Online Booking System

It’s your choice if you want your clients to use it. It makes booking and rescheduling so so easy & hands off. (go to our individual GLAMESS business type pages to see LIVE examples in action) *

Commission / Royalty 0% FREE

Please don’t forget, we NEVER charge you any commission or royalty. What ever you earn is 100% royalty and commission free. All leads / work enquiries go directly to you and your business.

TURBO Boost Business Guide

We provide you a “Practical & Very Useful TURBO Boost Business Guide” It's great in assisting you to find EXTRA work in your area. DON'T FORGET: 'YOU are NEVER restricted where you want to work'

No Design or Setup Fee

Go to your choice of business / brand to see the HUGE LIST of what you will receive all bespoke to you and your new business within 7 days. *Various business types have different needs so we cater for each one slightly different.

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UK’s 34 Best Business Solutions

UBtheBoss and it’s 3 brands provide you, comprehensive business assets that will put you and your business in GO LIVE position within 7 days from joining. Simply choose your business type / brand, visit their specific website and the ‘Join’ page. After you have made payment, you will receive an INFO (information) sheet to complete. Insert various contact details, area of coverage / services you want to offer etc. We will use some of this to start to create / setup your new business.

  Don’t forget: ‘your in business for yourself but NOT by yourself’

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