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Unlimited earnings potential

Welcome to the Greatest Opportunity EVER

The UK MASTER FRANCHISE is available now, our USA Master Franchise launching Q2 2022.


UK MASTER FRANCHISE / current  and LIVE 4 brands included

100% online operated business with no face-to-face sales, everything done online and via each franchise brands own website. This business can be operated easily from any location & no previous skills needed to own & operate the UK Master Franchise (full training provided). 100+ franchises sold in our longest created franchise brand FIXERLY in the last 2+ years, imagine what you could achieve with all brands £?

This exciting opportunity is UNIQUE in the world of franchising, it offers a selection of multiple franchise types across 3 different franchise brands with the 4th brand also fully included to the UK MASTER franchise buyer being a marketing tool / brand in UB the Boss.

‘Only 1 UK Master Franchise ever available so enquire today before someone else gets it’

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Collective marketing brand

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3 individual franchise brands currently offering a huge selection of 34 different franchises. 

Each brand can be marketed separately or collectively

Dominic, creator Director of UBtheBoss, had previously created then sold just 1 single franchise brand some years ago (similar to Fixerly!). He sold it in excess of a £5 million valuation   www.ubtheboss.co.uk/why

Don't let someone else get it!

You actually get 3 franchise business's (4 brands in total) for the price of 1

UK Master Franchise £35,000


* Request & see our comprehensive, extended ‘whats included’ list within our presentation 

 Don’t forget you get all brands EXCLUSIVE throughout all the UK   

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Your UK master franchise – marketing brand 

We will have a country specific name that suits / fits in with each country we launch our Master Franchises in.

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Our US master franchise – marketing brand 

Power Point Presentation UK Group Master Franchise

Request our informative 36 page 'Power Point Presentation'

Includes  information on whats fully included, systems, training, insights and so much more …..

07837 290257

Call or message Dominic


Easy to own

‘As the new UK Master Franchise owner, you will have a franchise choice suitable for everyone & at affordable prices that people can afford to buy multiple choices’

Don’t wait around to long & let someone else secure our ‘Group UK Master Franchise’ ! ‘ 


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Show your interest

Simply email, call or message me using the form below. I will share my PC screen (1 way only) and show you more on our 'UK Master Franchise'. We can chat over the phone at the same time.

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STEP 2 at a later date if your are further interested

Additional info & presentations given

More detailed information will be provided with detailed live in motion look again via PC screen share at our back end easy operation systems in place.

You will be HIGHLY impressed

easy templates to create a new franchise


Meet or Conference call

Once you are happy and want to own our 'UK Mater Franchise', the next step would be to meet in person or conference call . A deposit will secure the business for you.

Meet & greet

You will be impressed with our enthusiam


Completion & training

After completing the purchase and being the exclusive UK owner, we will commence training you and 1 more other person you may want to bring along (perhaps a business partner!) on all aspects of the business. Upto 4 weeks max is provided and this can be done either: in person, at a venue to be arranged, online or a combination of all.

The learning side

Training done by the Directors


Your in the money

From the day you complete buying our UK MASTER FRANCHISE, all monies for all sales go direct to YOU. 'Selling affordable franchises is easy & profitable'

Build a profitable business

Little overheads needed