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Fixerly Middleman

No former experience or skills needed to be a Middleman / Woman.

You will receive a fully set-up Middleman business under a ‘PROPERTY SERVICES FRANCHISE’.

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Easy & Work From Home

* Work at Home * Sub Contract Work Out * * No Vehicle Needed * High Profit Margins ££ *
fixerly fixerly ltd Fixerly franchise
fixerly Fixerly franchise Fixerly ltd

‘Profitable Small Property Insurance Claims’

+ Get Involved in the government’s  NEW £2 billion  home insulation scheme  

Middleman ‘Property Services Franchise’

Managing only aspects of the work that comes in, like providing estimates, receiving authorizations, taking payments and then using sub-contractors to carry out the work. Very healthy profits ££ can be achieved with little effort. 

With Fixerly, you can get involved in any type of property services that you wish and we certainly help you along the way ! The Director and creator of Fixerly has a wealth of experience in this sector and he was not from a building or even handyman background: ** he chose the path of MIDDLEMAN to make his fortune ** selling his shares in his previous middleman business for for a business value of £5.4 million.    ‘Now It’s Your Turn’

So Many Opportunities ££ Managing Small Easy Jobs

Don’t forget your NOT doing the work yourself, only overseeing / managing the process and taking a very healthy profit ££ on each job.

Franchise Ready in 7 Days

Simply DESK TOP to make ££

Most Middlemen / Woman simply work from home with zero overheads. They get to choose to either nip out to look at NICE jobs when they come in, or usually ask for pictures to be emailed or SMS across so you can look at the needed works without the need to travel.

You DON’T need a vehicle at all, any handyman or trades you pass / sub contract work to, will have their own (they may even get a magnetic sign with your contact details on ! )


 Visit our AWESOME Fixerly website where you will find a WORLD of money making opportunities in the property services sector.  Don't forget, NO experience or previous skills no needed. 'You act as the Fixerly MIDDLEMAN'. Brought to you by Fixerly Ltd the company that cares.