LOW COST Business's

34 Types to Choose from


low cost franchises

*No Setup or Design FEE * NO Royalty

UK's Best Value Opportunities

only £719 
a year

You will truly be AMAZED......

...with what we create and give bespoke to you !

From the day you decide which amazing low cost business you want, you will find a seamless process that our designers and business creation team do for you. You will receive daily emails as we introduce different elements for your new business, just a few being:  *Stationery art work to proof pre printing *Bespoke business web-page, *Promo video *Google maps *Easy estimate creator. Some of our relevant franchise choices come with an online easy job booking system. You will also be impressed with the branded items we give you + all Google and Bing SEO included at no cost to your new business. We do so much for you, you will smile FOREVER !


'You will never find a better solution and as low a cost than with UBtheBoss'


Single or Multiple Purchases

 You can UPSCALE to even greater heights in the future and build a really profitable and valuable asset ££.

 Why not own multiple types of business’s ? = ‘multiple profits’ 

So Much of a Business for so Little Money

'Believe us the price is TRUE'

Includes 12 months

£ 719 no monthly payments or %
  • bespoke business
  • FREE setup & design
  • No vat added
  • Bespoke LIVE in 7 days

I own an oven cleaning business but LOVE all 18 business types

'do Yt' - i want all 34 !

I smile everyday when I get in my car. I am the main bread winner at the moment at home and Glamess assists a lot x

Glamess - Mobile Hairdresser Stylists

I had no former experience or skills when I started my FIXERLY Middleman business.


My Girl Friday business allows me to work the hours I want and also doing the type of tasks that I choose. GREAT BRAND "luv it"


I choose the gardening business, but am looking at adding an additional business especially at these low prices.


'The perfect solution for all tradespeople, a business type for each trade' my clients are impressed with my trendy brand.

Fixerly - TRADESPEOPLE Mines the plumbing business

'The perfect solution for all tradespeople'


Complete Bespoke Business

Choose From 34 Different Low Cost Ones

Flexible, no long tie-ins

7 days from design to 'GO LIVE'

‘Choose Yours  & Commence the Freedom of Working for Yourself’

 ‘I’m not missing my low cost business’  

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