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low cost franchises

*No Setup or Design FEE * NO Royalty

UK's Most Affordable Franchises

only £1.96 
a day

You will truly be AMAZED......

...with what we create and give bespoke to you !

From the day you decide which amazing low cost franchises you want and have decided to COME ON BOARD, you will find a seamless process that our designers and franchise management team do for you.  Almost daily, you will receive by email, your new chosen businesses design art work to check / proof is it all to your liking. In addition to your own gorgeous business webpage, promo video, through to your own special web business portal, or even your own online easy job booking system. We do so much for you, you will smile FOREVER.


'You will never find better and as low a cost other than with UBtheBoss'

Go to each specific brand to see the huge list of what we create + give you and working out at just £1.96 a day
some of 
 whats included

Single Purchase

This option is ideal if it’s your 1st time in business. We recommend starting with buying just 1 franchise type and as you expand your business + only if you want, you can UPSCALE and buy further different types of franchises with you receiving multiple profits from each.

Business PRO

Business PRO owners don’t just take and operate 1 singe franchise, they take and operate MULTIPLE different ones all at the same time. Image yourself as the LOCAL HUB to where you live or have your existing business.  A great option to TURBO BOOST your incomes.

Truly DISRUPTING The Franchise Industry with 34 low cost franchises

So Much of a Business for so Little Money

'Believe us the price is TRUE'

Covers 12 months

bespoke LIVE in 7 days
£ 719 no monthly payments or %
  • bespoke franchise
  • FREE setup & design
  • works out @ £1.96 a day

I own a oven cleaning franchise but LOVE all 18 franchise types

'do Yt' - i want all 34 !

I smile everyday when I get in my car. I am the main bread winner at the moment at home and Glamess assists a lot x

Glamess - Mobile Hairdresser Stylists

I had no former experience or skills when I started my Middleman franchise


My Girl Friday franchise allows me to work the hours I want and also doing the type of tasks that I choose. GREAT BRAND "luv it"


I choose the gardening franchise but am looking at adding an additional franchise especially at these low prices.


'The perfect solution for all tradespeople, a franchise type for each trade' my clients are impressed with my trendy brand.

Fixerly - TRADESPEOPLE Mines the plumbing franchise

'The perfect solution for all tradespeople'

Pete Dee
Pete Dee
oven cleaning franchise
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My oven cleaning franchise has NO monthly costs for me which no other oven cleaning franchise offers.
 Dave Ascot
Dave Ascot
carpet & floor fitting franchise
Read More
My clients LOVE my carpet and floor fitting franchise service and are happy to pay professional rates £££

Complete Bespoke Business

Choose From 34 Low Cost Franchises

works out @ just £1.96 a day

7 days from design to 'GO LIVE'

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 ‘Girl Friday’ (a Glamess franchise)

1 of 6 franchise types to choose from

  ‘Mobile Vehicle Valeting’ (a ‘do Yt‘ franchise)

1 of 18 franchise types to choose from

‘Middleman’  (a Fixerly franchise)

1 of 10 franchise types to choose from

‘Choose Yours  & Commence the Freedom of Working for Yourself’
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 ‘I’m not missing low cost franchises’  

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